What is Flexpo?

The Flexpo suite of events are designed to connect skilled professionals seeking to continue their career with an opportunity that supports a better work life balance. Whether that’s a career with a leading employer who embraces flexible working, or the knowledge and confidence to go it alone.

Flexpo visitors come from a variety of industries and capabilities, but have one thing in common, they are all talented individuals who have had a successful career to date, but who are frustrated at a work environment based on presenteeism rather than output. 94% of our visitors are women due mainly to the imbalance between maternity and paternity pay, but we firmly believe that flexible working should be for all, not just parents, and we are seeing an increase in men engaging with Flexpo – both parents and non-parents.

We ALSO attract visitors who are past the traditional retirement age, with a wealth of experience and skills who want to continue working but perhaps with less hours.

Increasingly we hear from visitors who have lived with mental health challenges and, whilst totally able to make a hugely valuable contribution, want to work for an employer who can accommodate a more flexible approach to the job. Everyone who wants to work flexibly, for whatever the reason, is welcome to Flexpo.

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Flexible working is heralded as the answer to the gender pay gap, one of the best ways to improve your D&I policies and one of the most searched terms on national job boards; there is no denying that we are embarking on a period of great workplace change. We help leading organisations make that change happen through our conference, Flexpo Leaders’ Summit, and we connect them to the talent they seek through our Flexpo events.

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