The Flexpo team

Flexpo was created because we found it almost impossible to combine our respective careers with family life. We feel fiercely passionate about being part of the solution to the issues faced by people who love their career and want to combine it with their unique personal circumstances more successfully.

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Why is flexible working so important?
“Flexible working removes the invisible obstacles that prevent millions of talented, experienced professionals from having access to meaningful work and equal opportunity to progress. It is the most powerful tool we have in the working world to create truly inclusive, diverse and equitable workplaces.”


Why is flexible working so important?
“It has always been the key to closing pay gaps, and now it has also become the key to our ability to build back better as we navigate the phases of the pandemic. We’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime in front of us to create a more equal world of work that offers everyone, regardless of their circumstances, more choice about how they build their career.”
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Sales director
Why is flexible working so important?
“Flexible working allows people to shine! It offers balance, creates trust, enhances wellbeing, equality and opportunities for everyone.”