“We can change the world of work faster if we do it together.”

How two entrepreneurs are joining forces to take their fight for workplace equality to the next level

Madeleine Cole, founder of the Flexpo event series and Ursula Tavender, founder of Taking Care of Business and Mumbelievable® have announced they are bringing their respective companies together under the Flexpo™ brand.

Flexpo Ltd will continue to hold the UK’s leading flexible working conferences and events and has now expanded its offering to include corporate consultancy and a suite of digital products and virtual tools to meet the needs of companies wanting to embrace a truly agile and inclusive culture beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Both directors founded their respective companies having found it almost impossible to combine their respective careers with family life. They share a fierce commitment to resolving the systemic barriers faced by people who love their career and want to combine it successfully with their personal circumstances.

It’s a perfect fit, says Ursula. “Maddy and I have both found a strong sense of purpose in our shared goal to change the world of work and make it more inclusive for everyone so that when our children enter it, it’ll look totally different to the world we’ve had to navigate. Joining forces not only means we can help more people and companies right now, but that the legacy of our work will impact all of our children. We’re doing it all for them.”

“We knew early on as the pandemic became part of our lives that we absolutely had to go digital for the Flexpo events this year,” says Madeleine. “Both our audiences – those seeking flexible opportunities and people leaders wanting to make flex work – have never needed us more, so to cancel the live events we had planned just wasn’t an option for us. Going digital has enabled us to reach and engage more people than ever before, made our events more inclusive and accessible and we’ve had incredible feedback on the value of the content, the connections and the immersive experience.

“It became crystal clear to us both that by bringing everything we offer together we can do more, much faster and more effectively. We can now expand our events and flexible working corporate consultancy offering rapidly as well as accelerate our plans to develop a new suite of digital tools to support smaller businesses to make real change happen, which we’re very excited about.

“Flexible working kept businesses going throughout the early months of the pandemic and we’re determined that all the lessons this past year has gifted us with won’t fade into obscurity as this new world of work emerges. For people passionate about inclusion and equality, this moment has been a long time coming.”

The evidence to support the business case for flexible working is overwhelming. Multiple studies have shown recently that employees are demanding a blend of location-based and remote working options long-term, and older research shows clearly that flexible working is the most effective solution in closing the gender pay gap, enhancing diversity and improving financial performance.

“Flexible working is as great for business as it is for people, and it’s a privilege for us to be able to expand our offering so we can do our bit to contribute to a fairer and more equal world of work for everyone,” says Ursula. “We’ve held onto that as the silver lining lacing this tragic time. It’s really kept us energised knowing that what we’re doing is having such an impact.”

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