It kept occurring to us that sitting behind 2metres of laminated MDF doesn’t make us work harder; neither does catching the 7.22am every weekday motivate us to a great day’s work.

We looked at our amazing team of dedicated, professional, hard working people and recognised that we all work in different ways. Some full time office based, some full time remote workers, some part time, some job shares but they all have one common value – the desire to do the best job that they can, and which they can be proud of, as part of their demanding, sometimes stressy and almost always busy lives.

Our work life balance should be just that…balanced. And we should be able to work in a way that enables us to give 100% to everything that we do, not just work?

And we discovered that they are all out there…the people who want to rebalance how they work, and the businesses who recognise the value in enabling this flexible work environment.

So we thought we should bring them together, and the result is Flexpo, 4th October 2019.