In a changing world, it has never been more critical to find the right work/life balance to ensure that you are giving, and getting, the very best out of everything that you do.

After successfully launching Flexpo live as a face to face event in 2019, we have moved our face to face recruitment events to a digital platform, to evolve with the rapidly changing workplace, and support our HR & Business leaders as well as our flex seeking employees.

We truly believe that flexibility is the key to making sure that we continue to understand that it’s ok to take your whole self to work and that we have other responsibilities as parents, carers, with mental and physical health challenges, with neurodivergence…in fact, as people.

But having a flexible mindset, supported by process and learning, allows business access to untapped talent, in under-represented minorities, as well as ‘humanising’ the workplace to enable greater engagement, and as a result, higher productivity.

We bring our Flexpo events to inform, educate and support all into a whole new world of work – both because it is what every generation in the workplace wants, and because it is what the world of work should be.



We exhibited at Flexpo that was organised by Maddy and her team. From the moment we signed up the communication was excellent and we were supported through their marketing leading up to the event too. We had a really positive experience as an exhibitor at the event from set up right through to close of play.

Rebecca Newenham
Founder of the Get Ahead VA franchise.

I had the honour of being on a panel at the recent Flexpo. The whole event was a total joy to be at, with companies and individuals all openly sharing their insight and knowledge into the world of flex. The energy and passion for flexible working meant the event was electric and I will definitely be going to the next ones. Well done team Flexpo!

Louise Deverall
The Daisy Chain

We had a truly fabulous day: we made new connections; met new candidates and got the chance through the panel discussions to share our award winning approach. So much so that we’re genuinely excited to be a sponsor of Flexpo 2020 – let’s make this truly the flexible decade!

David Blackburn
Chief People Officer FSCS

Madeleine Cole

Event Director
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Ursula Tavender

Head of Content
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Sales Director
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